Carpet can be a wonderfully cost effective way to re-make a room, bringing warmth, texture and color into a home. There are many different carpet fibers to choose from in a wide range of prices. Studies have shown that carpet does not increase allergens in a home, and may even help reduce allergies by trapping dust particles in the fibers. inner-carpet

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Polyester carpets exceptionally soft and have wonderful color clarity, they are also naturally stain and fade resistant.  While polyester is not generally as resilient as nylon, they do perform well if appropriately constructed.  Carpets of polyester are usually only available in cut pile styles and are usually less expensive than nylon carpets of similar weights.  At Park Flooring we strive to carry the best quality polyester carpets, carpets that you can expect to perform up to and beyond their wear-rating standard.


Nylon has been commonly used in carpets since the 1960s, so it has a long history backing up its claim to durability. Nylon carpets tend to be more expensive than polyester carpets, although at Park Flooring we do offer several lower cost nylon options. Nylon is very versatile and can be used to create a wide variety of carpet styles and textures, from cut piles to loop pile and Berber styles. Nylon is also receptive to dyeing for color versatility and uniformity, allowing for interesting and resilient color design patterns.  Although nylon fibers are not inherently stain resistant, most nylon carpets are treated with stain-resist carpet treatment for protection against household spills and stains. At Park Flooring, many of our nylon carpets carry the Stainmaster warranty for stain resistance and texture retention, the highest in the industry.


For many, wool is considered the gold standard in carpet fibers. Used for centuries to create rugs and carpets, wool brings a natural elegance to any space. Wool is naturally stain resistant and incredibly durable. We have seen beautiful wool carpets last more than 20 years or more in homes with children and dogs, with the right care and maintenance. The fibers in wool carpet provide natural sound absorption, making them a uniquely quiet flooring choice. Wool carpets are also naturally fire-resistant.

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