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860 Dunraven St. Estes Park, CO 80517

I’m sure there are times when you’ve walked into a store and wondered why they chose the brands they have displayed.  We’ll be running a series on the brands we’re displaying, so you will know our thoughts on the products displayed at Park Flooring. Since Estes Park is a small town, obviously, the number one reason we chose the brands displayed is customer satisfaction. We really don’t want call backs, and word gets around too fast in a small town 🙂 Our installers are local and have great reputations, as well.

Our primary tile company that we display is Florida Tile. Florida is an entirely “made in the USA” company. This is important because the quality assurance is what we would expect in this country. A typical problem with inexpensive imported tile is the gauge. This is the thickness of each tile. If the gauge isn’t uniform, different sides of the tile will  sit at different heights. This makes for stubbed toes. Ouch! All of Florida Tile’s different styles of tiles are evenly gauged.

Also, if the tile isn’t exactly square, not only is it a tile installers worst nightmare, lining up the grout lines becomes impossible.  For those of you who have seen those handy spacers for the grout lines, without square tiles, those spacers are useless and you need to count on the good eye of your installer- who will then charge you considerably more for having to put up with that.  We can count on Florida Tile for having equally squared tiles. Even if it’s 12″x 18″, all of the tiles will be the same size.

Florida Tile is an entirely porcelain company now. Being that it’s US made, we know the formulation of the porcelain and that it doesn’t include any toxic fillers. Their high definition photography of slate, travertine, limestone, and other stones is superb. When you buy a slate look tile, there is over 100 pieces before you get a repeat. The end result is quite natural looking. Even their wood-look is quite natural looking. You can check it out for yourself at The Inkwell & Brew downtown. These are great for parquet patterns as they’re all equal “short board” size (if they were wood).

Another big benefit of Florida Tile is that since you can find this brand throughout the country, you can choose the tile in Houston and know it will be the same in Estes Park. The dye lot may change a little, but not by much. Also, should you run out of tiles or decide at a later date to tile another room to match, this company is large enough that we can typically find more.


If you would like to view Florida Tile’s selection of tiles, click here

Post Author: Cathy Lewis