Wood products come in all price and quality levels. From solid hardwood floors to engineered wood floors to laminate floors, all offer excellent options for transforming your home.

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“The best decision we made was deciding to go with you for all our floors. Managing the repairs and installation after the flood was so much easier. And we love our new floors!”

– Amy Hamrik, Kind Coffee

Solid Hardwood, Site-finished

Solid hardwood floors are exactly what they sound like, they are specially milled planks of solid wood that are nailed down, sealed, and finished. Solid hardwood floors come in in a variety of species, hardness levels, and board widths.   A hardwood floor can be stained and finished to customize any species for your home or business. The Janka Scale is the standard used in the wood floor industry to determine the hardness of the wood floor species.

The difference between Engineered and Solid Hardwood Floors.
The difference between Engineered and Solid Hardwood Floors.

Water-based Polyurethane finish:

Water-based finishes are a beautiful and durable way to finish your solid hardwood floor. They cure quickly, and have minimal smell. They are the greener option in floor finished and are all VOC compliant.

Bona Mega finish is available in gloss, semi-gloss, satin, and matte. The best choice for most residential wood floors is satin, although matte is also a good fit for a mountain home. The Mega finish is our most popular finish for residential applications.

Bona Traffic finish is ideal for high traffic areas and commercial applications. This is a two-part polyurethane finish that provides a superior wear layer for solid hardwood flooring.

Oil-based finish:

Oil-based finishes are derived from the oil of pine trees. Historically, hardwood floors were finished with oil-based finishes, the advent of water-based finishes saw a dramatic shift away from these finishes. The oil-based finish tends to have a stronger smell associated with its application and will take longer to cure. Over time, the oil-based finish will tend to yellow, unlike water-based finishes.

Pre-finished and

Engineered Wood Floors

Solid pre-finished wood floors come in a variety species and stain colors. Pre-finished floors are stained and finished in factories, which allows for the application of extremely hard and resilient finishes made from aluminum oxide composites.

Engineered wood floors are made by adhering a wear-layer of solid hardwood to two or more layers of stabilizing ply-wood. The same finishes used to make pre-finished floors durable are used in engineered floors. The advantage of engineered floors is that they may be glued together and floated over concrete slabs and in-floor heating systems.


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