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Besides the beauty of having a hardwood floor in your home, a hardwood floor adds actual value to a home. The amount of value depends on the species of wood used, the quality (length of boards, finish and acclimation) and the installation.

A truly authentic wood floor will be primarily long boards with a few short boards here and there. When a tree grows, it only grows a certain height. The lumber mills will cut the tree into 10 foot lengths and the left-overs will be in a separate pile. The 10 foot lengths are then sawn and planed into boards, have the tongue and groove profiled and then are readied for the finishing process. Solid hardwood will be finished into primarily 8 foot lengths, and engineered flooring is finished into primarily 6 foots lengths. Most of these floors will have random lengths varying from 4 to 8 feet with some upscale custom mills providing some 10’ lengths.

All those smaller than 4 foot lengths are still sawn into boards and finished, but are sold off significantly less expensively than the “regular” boards. Being that the short boards are sold inexpensively, they also are not cured to only a 6% water content before being packaged. In this mountain climate you need to be very aware of the water content when looking at hardwoods, as well as knowing what percentage of the bundles are short boards. The less expensive the bundle/carton of wood is, the more chance that you’ll be getting primarily short boards. If you are putting in a parquet floor design, or have a very small room that would be fine. Otherwise, it looks non-authentic and inexpensive, which would certainly void adding actual value to your home.

When the raw board are sawn into sizes for engineered wood, they can be straight cut or rotary peeled-like an orange. When they are rotary peeled, the veneer is much thinner and is more apt to de-laminate due to it’s natural curl.

So rest assured that when you shop for a hardwood floor here at Park Flooring that we will not even show you a product that is primarily short boards or any rotary peeled engineered flooring. We enjoy being able to warranty our work and have worked with enough products to only show you what will hold up beautifully for many years to come.

Post Author: Cathy Lewis