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Real pines trees for Christmas bring the wonderful fragrance of the holidays into your home. But watering them can create many problems for a wood floor should you accidentally spill. Watering is always a challenge with the skirt hiding your view and all the presents in the way. Not to mention the cat. For safety reasons, you need to water your tree in order to not make kindle out of it. But unattended water on a hardwood floor will cause the wood to swell, cup and stain.

We, at Park Flooring, love to buff and recoat hardwood floors whenever you need (at least once every 5 years- depending on traffic); but why rush things at Christmas? So here’s our tips:

  • Be sure you can see under and around the tree standĀ  when you water. Should you spill, you’ll be able to see where to wipe it up.
  • It’s best not to use anything under your tree stand. The reason is that water can be trapped under a piece of plastic and hold the water underneath. Should you use a piece of fabricĀ  or newspaper that would act like a sponge and hold the water, you’ll have the same problem. You may even get some interesting colored stains.
  • At some garden centers, you may be able to pick up a large plastic garden container tray that’s larger than your tree stand. So long as you don’t get water on the outside of this, it should capture all your spills.

All of us at Park Flooring wish you a very Merry Christmas on whatever type of flooring you have! We’ll be here in the New Year to help you out with your new flooring needs.

Post Author: Cathy Lewis