Buff and Re-coat

During a buff and re-coat, our experienced wood floor technicians lightly abrade the existing finish on the floor, making sure not to abrade too deeply. The idea is to keep as much of the existing finish on the floor, while preparing it to accept a new coat. During a buff and coat, it is customary to apply two new coats of finish. A buff and a coating will not take away the character of the floor, and any deep scratches, pitted areas, grayed-out areas, gouges, watermarks, fading marks, and stains that are there will remain present after the process is complete. However, these characteristics will have a few new coats on them to keep them from worsening.   You will, however, notice that the infinite amounts of minor scratches and overall “dulling” of the floor will have been corrected, and maintaining the floor from here on out will be much easier.



If your floor has extensive wear, if the finish is gone is some places, if there are a lot of deep scratches, if there are areas that have “grayed-out” or if the floor has lost all its natural colors due to UV rays and oxidation, it is time to refinish. Refinishing includes grinding the surface to the bare wood and sealing and finishing the floor. In older wood floors there might be character marks that cannot be removed completely, however, every customer has been extremely pleased with the results achieved by a 225 lb belt sander operated by one of our technician. The transformation that occurs when you refinish your floors is hard to imagine until you actually do it. During the process, it is also possible to stain the floor to the desired color.



Park Flooring has participated in the restoration of numerous historically significant floors in the Estes Valley.

The A.Q. House at the MacGregor Ranch. This yellow pine floor was original to the cabin. It is about 100 years old.

The “Manor House” at the Stanley Hotel. Recently Re-named “The Lodge” it is the smaller Hotel that lies to the East of the Main Hotel, and has a more quaint atmosphere of a Bed and Breakfast. The floor was installed approx.. 96 years ago. We recently sanded it to the bare wood, replaced numerous faulty boards, stained it a beautiful “golden oak” to attain the antique look, and transformed the entire lobby and dining room. Additionally, Park Flooring installed the carpet on the Grand Staircase, and in all the halls of the Lodge, binding the edges of a vintage-look pattern, and insetting the carpet for a vintage-runner look.

Mountainside Lodge at the YMCA. This historic Mountainside Lodge has a very interesting history, and is featured in a book af Historic Buildings in the Estes Valley. It is over 100 years old. Park Flooring restored the original quarter-sawn Douglas fir floors.

McGraw Ranch Cabin restorations. Owned by the Rocky Mountain National Park, McGraw Ranch has had several of the small historic cabins restored in full, and Park Flooring did the restoration work of the original douglas fir flooring.