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Sheet Vinyl

There are many grades of sheet vinyl, the grade you choose will be determined by your space and your budget. Vinyl can be an inexpensive flooring option that is relatively durable, providing excellent moisture resistance.


Luxury Vinyl Planks and Tiles

The last ten years has seen a growth in the use of vinyl in other kinds of flooring. Vinyl planks and tiles are glued down to simulate the look of wood planks or ceramic and stone. These products are very durable and can be easily installed by do-it-yourself homeowners. Because they are a vinyl product, they do not do well in spaces that experience extreme changes in temperature, due to the expansion and shrinking of the material when exposed to heat and cold.


Luxury Vinyl Alterna Tiles

The Alterna luxury vinyl tiles, by Armstrong, offer a unique alternative to traditional tiles. The product is composed of a limestone and vinyl composite, making it extremely durable and giving a look that is almost indistinguishable from porcelain and stone tiles. The Alterna tiles are glued down like other luxury vinyl tiles, but may be grouted like traditional tiles. Alterna tiles are warmer than stone, ceramic, and porcelain tiles, and installation is much more cost and time efficient. Unlike porcelain and stone tiles however, Alterna LVT is not recommend for outdoor applications.


Caring for your Luxury Vinyl Tile floor

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